1) Commencing
2) Part the wild horse's mane
3) The white crane spreads its wings
4) Brush knee and twist step on both sides 
5) Play the Lute
6) Repulse Monkey
7) Grasp bird's tail left
8) Grasp bird's tail right
9) Single whip
10) Wave hands like clouds
11) Single whip
12) High pat on the horse

Tai Chi Chuan

Simplified 24 Forms

The Simplified 24 Forms  of Tai Chi Chuan have become a standard throughout China, and increasingly throughout the rest of the world,  since it was developed (from Yang style Tai Chi) by the National Physical Culture and Sports Commission in 1956.    It is designed to be easy to learn and practice.  It can be practiced in a small space and needs no equipment.

The Simplified 24 forms are practiced very slowly with great emphasis on balance and control.  Although they look casual these exercises provide serious exercise, especially the legs and center.

It will benefit many people, including: complete beginners of all ages and fitness levels, practitioners or former students of this or other Tai Chi forms, other martial artists, meditaters and people who want a good way to rehabilitate  or improve their overall muscle tone and balance.  

Participants in our classes ages range from 20s to 70s all are welcome.

There are many choices of books, online resources, videos and DVDs that support this form and can help you learn and practice practice.  

13) Kick with right heel
14) Strike opponent's ears with both fists
15)Turn and kick with left heel
16) Push down and stand on one leg-left style
17 )Push down and stand on one leg-right style
18 )Fair ladies work at shuttles on both sides
19 )Needle at sea bottom
20) Flash the arm
21 )Turn, deflect downward, parry and punch
22) Apparent close up
23) Cross hands
24) Closing