Good Learning Aids for Tai Chi Chuan Simplified 24 forms

May be purchased in many online locations.  Links below go to

Tai Chi - The 24 Forms VHS  Paul Lam 
Tai Chi - The 24 Forms DVD ~ Paul Lam 
This VHS and DVD has very detailed verbal instructions and demonstrations for each form.  Very good for beginners. This has my top recommendation.  The DVD has scene menus which make it easy to review any form quickly

Tai Chi - Beginners and 24 forms BOOK Paul Lam

Tai Chi Chuan : 24 & 48 Postures with Martial Applications by Shou-Yu Liang, et al (Paperback & VHS)

The book is very useful.  

The video demonstrates the forms in action but do not break down the moves or explain how to do them.  Its OK for review but the Paul Lam video is better for learning.  

Simplified Taijiquan from the China Sports Series.  Good text and diagrams of the 24 forms and basic Push Hands.  New and used copies available.   (small pocket sized book)

Tai Chi for Health: The 24 Simplified Forms (Paperback).  Good book, large print simple explanations

Tai Chi 24 Forms with China Champion DVD
Very good DVD.  Has normal speed demo.  Detailed explanations are not as long as the Paul Lam video but are very good.  (good for reviewing and perfecting your form)  also has a Powerpoint type demonstration of all the forms and some nice music

The following documents are on this or other websites

My approach to Tai Chi Chuan  
Classes in Superior

Online resources
PDF of 24 Forms (Yeoh) good descriptions of movements

Tai Chi Simplified 24 Forms   (Garofalo) good background information

Graphic of many of the  positions

Photographs of many of the positions

Diagram of Footsteps

Review of forms 1-6 (Opening to Repulse Monkey)

Review of forms 7-8 (Grasp the swallow's tail Left and Right)

Online Videos (from view 24 Forms and Single Movements)

Tai Chi on YouTube