1 Commencing
2 Part the wild horse's mane
3 The white crane spreads its wings
4 Brush knee and twist step on both sides 
5 Play the Lute
6 Repulse Monkey
7 Grasp bird's tail left
8 Grasp bird's tail right
9 Single whip
10 Wave hands like clouds
11 Single whip
12 High pat on the horse

Tai Chi Chuan

  1. Centered (balanced) Stances

    1. Horse Riding Stance

    2. Bow Stance

    3. Empty Stance

  2. Qi Gong and Standing Form exercises.  These exercises are done in a fixed stance with attention paid to breathing, centering and smooth movements of the hands and waist. 

    Part Horse's Mane
    Wave Hands Like Clouds
    Paint the Rainbow
    Gaze at the Moon
    Repulse Monkey
    Holding a Ball
    Pushing the Waves
    Press and Roll Back
  4. Tai Chi Movements.  Carefully controlled steps: forward, backward and sideways.  Stepping foot empty until planted on the ground.  Done with awareness of the movements, balance and centering.

  5. The Solo Form:  Hand, foot and center coordinated movements.  The 24 forms are done without a partner (but can be done groups).  Takes about 5-6 minutes to complete.

  6. Sensing Hands.  Done in pairs to develop the sensitivity to a push against your center  and to respond by gently moving the center to redirect the force.  


13 Kick with right heel
14 Strike opponent's ears with both fists
Turn and kick with left heel
16 Push down and stand on one leg-left style
17 Push down and stand on one
leg-right style
18 Fair ladies work at shuttles on both sides
19 Needle at sea bottom
20 Flash the arm
21 Turn, deflect downward, parry and punch
22 Apparent close up
23 Cross hands
24 Closing